Wenya Wang, MA

PhD Candidate, Department of Economics, University of Western Ontario

What interests and goals led you to graduate studies in economics?

My reason to study economics was simple. I like the way economists think about the world and I wanted to learn more.

How has your graduate training in economics impacted your career path?

My MA training at Waterloo broadened my view of economic research and expanded my toolkit to do economic research. After that, I was more determined to do a PhD since thinking about real problems in and out of the context of theory really attracts me.

What aspect of Waterloo's economics graduate program did you find most useful in terms of your career?

Waterloo's program features a great interaction between theory and real world policies. In classes, critical thinking between these two ends is strengthened, leading students to think about real world problems. I find this perspective very useful in shaping my future research; to think about where and how theory fails in reality, and where problems arise in different kinds of scenarios.

Any other comments about the Department? Would you recommend it as a destination for graduate education? If so, why?

Waterloo has a nice atmosphere around student-faculty interactions, where students can have sufficient communications with faculty members, if they'd like to. I remember all those happy moments of formal and informal department gatherings, for example, for Christmas holidays. I would definitely recommend it as a place to go for graduate studies.

University of Waterloo