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ECON 101: Introduction to microeconomics

ECON 102: Introduction to macroeconomics

ECON 201: Microeconomic theory 1

ECON 202: Macroeconomic theory 1

ECON 211: Introduction to mathematical economics

ECON 220: Principles of entrepreneurship

ECON 221: Statistics for economists

ECON 231: Introduction to international economics

ECON 301: Microeconomic theory 2

ECON 302: Macroeconomic theory 2

ECON 311: Mathematical economics

ECON 321: Introduction to econometrics

ECON 344: Principles of marketing and consumer finance

ECON 357: Environmental economics

ECON 361 online: Cost benefit analysis and project evaluation

ECON 363: Contemporary Canadian problems

ECON 371: Business finance 1

ECON 372: Business finance 2

ECON 401: Microeconomic theory 3

ECON 402: Macroeconomic theory 3

ECON 451: Law and economics

ECON 465: Economics in history

ECON 472: Senior honours essay

  • 1979 -- Trien Nguyen: Students wishing to enrol in this course need to have their application (PDF) approved by the Professor who will be supervising their research before enrolling. Students wishing to obtain the 472 exemption (PDF) must also have approval from an Academic Advisor.
  • Copies of the application and course outline are posted outside the Undergraduate Office, HH 214.

ECON 483: Special studies - topics in urban economics