ECON 472: Senior Honours Essay

What is ECON 472?

ECON 472 is the Department of Economics senior honours essay course. The course is required for all students enrolled in Honours Economics programs.

Who can take ECON 472?

Prior to graduation,  a passing grade in ECON 472 is required for all students enrolled in Honours Economics programs (prior to the 2016-2017 academic calendar year. These programs include:

  • Honours Economics (co-op and regular)
  • Honours Economics (Arts & Business co-op and regular)
  • Honours Mathematical Economics
  • Joint Honours Economics

Students who are not in an Honours Economics program (i.e. 3-Year or 4-Year General) cannot take ECON 472.

Course objectives and structure

The objective of ECON 472 is for students to demonstrate their proficiency in report and essay writing to their supervisor the and undergraduate advisor(s).

Students attend a weekly class which focuses on research methods and writing skills to help them craft their essay. In addition, students will choose a topic for research and find a faculty member supervisor, based on their areas of interest.

Exemption from ECON 472

As an alternative to completing the senior honours essay, students can apply for a content exemption from ECON 472.  

To apply for an exemption, students must complete the online ECON 472 Exemption Request Form

Essay requirements

  • Must be from two different UWaterloo ECON courses
  • Must be single-authored (no group papers)
  • Must be written within one year of applying for exemption
  • Must be at least 10 pages in length
  • Must be worth at least 25% of the final grade in the course
  • Must receive a minimum 75% grade on each of the papers

Note: For students on a 2016-2017 plan, ECON 472 is no longer an Honours Economics requirement. It is however a requirement for Honours Mathematical Economics and the Honours Intensive Specialization. Exemption will not be available for students wishing to do the Intensive Specialization - those students must complete ECON 472.