Management Studies Minor

Prepare for a career in management!

Do you see yourself as a natural leader? When you work in a team, are you the one to delegate responsibility and keep the group project running smoothly? If so, a career in management might be your calling. 

Good managers are essential to any organization. With this minor, you will

  • come to understand the critical role that management plays
  • learn to apply principal methods of management to workplace situations
  • cultivate your ability to make strategic decisions
  • have a greater understanding of where you can go in your career upon graduation

*NEW COURSES* starting Fall 2019

MGMT 171: Fundamentals of Personal and Business Finance
Review the concept and applications of the time value of money. Overview of common consumer and small business oriented financial products with a focus on the Canadian economy. Introduction to the use of spreadsheets and apps that aid in understanding and comparing financial scenarios.

MGMT 220: Entrepreneurship and the Creative Workplace
This course has two distinct but related components. The first explores entrepreneurship as a key input to economic activity. It also reviews numerous perspectives of entrepreneurship and introduces basic tools available for use by the entrepreneur, including the business canvas. The second part of this course explores the relationship between entrepreneurship and strategy. The design of an appropriate strategy and the implementation of this strategy through appropriate controls and structure are considered in the context of the innovative firm.

MGMT 244: Principles of Marketing
This course is designed to provide a broad understanding of the field of marketing, including consumer behaviour, segmentation, targeting, positioning, branding, and the marketing mix. Students will gain an understanding of how organizations identify the needs of potential consumers and create and deliver value to these consumers through the marketing process.

MGMT 345: Marketing Strategy
Building on the fundamentals introduced in Principles of Marketing, students are given an opportunity to apply these concepts to real world situations in an interactive learning environment. Using cases and simulated markets, students make strategic decisions, defend their decisions and see the repercussions in real time.

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