Economics 2+2 students

2+2 students sitting on bench

Two universities. Two degrees.

Welcome to the home of the University of Waterloo, Economics 2+2 Program.

Students complete their first two years of study at their home university, and then complete a further two years of study at Waterloo, receiving a degree from each university.

Hear what our current students have to say about academic and student life at UWaterloo in the video below!


Lingzhi Han - Alumnus

Honours Mathematical Economics, 2+2 program, 2013-2015
Recipient of the Arts Alumni Gold Medal 

The 2+2 program offers a great opportunity to experience two different styles of higher education within four years of undergraduate studies. At the University of Waterloo, students can always find great support for their academic study and future career. During these two years in the Economics 2+2 program, students will develop their knowledge of Economics and mathematical skills, which makes them strong competitors in the international job market. 

- Lingzhi Han

Lingzhi Han


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