Course Overrides

For any course override into an ECON course for the Spring 2022 term please follow these instructions:

  1. Are you receiving an error message?
    See the Arts Enrolment problems and course overrides page for an explanation.  
  2. If your reason for requesting an override wasn't addressed on the Arts Enrolment problems and course overrides page, send your request via e-mail to the Economics Department advising team from your UWaterloo account: Note that course reserves will not be overridden.
  3. Your message must state the following information in this order:
    • Your full name
    • Your UWaterloo student ID number
    • The course you wish to enter, including the section number and 4-digit class number
      (Example: ECON 290-001 (class #XXXX)
  4. Your message must explain why you think you satisfy the requisites for the course and how the course fits into your academic plan.
  5. Before making a request ensure that:
    • There is room in the course, taking into account the course reserves
    • If you are asking to take a 6th course, please see your program advisor for permission
    • There are no time conflicts in your schedule

Please note that the course enrolment period is a busy time across campus. If you do not receive an answer immediately it is due to a higher than normal volume of requests. Your request will be addressed as soon as possible.