Spring 2022 resources

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As we continue to deal with the challenging circumstances created by COVID-19, the EDGE team is working hard to ensure that students participating in the EDGE certificate can still earn their milestones and benefit from the high-quality learning and experiences they expect.

Whether you're already enrolled in EDGE or are brand new to the program, this page will help you get started on completing a milestone during the Spring 2022 term. For additional support, get in touch with the EDGE team over email, edge@uwaterloo.ca, or book a virtual advising appointment.

If you want to earn a milestone during the Spring 2022 term, we recommend completing the career development course and/or the skills identification and articulation workshop.

Skills identification & articulation workshop

The skills identification and articulation workshop helps students identify the skills they're developing throughout their undergraduate career. Workshop participants will also develop strategies for articulating these skills to target audiences (e.g. potential employers). If you can recognize what you're learning and how your skills translate to the job market, you can set yourself apart from other candidates!

What do students do in the workshop?

  • Identify the transferable and technical skills they're developing through their studies
  • Learn how to review job postings that align with their skills
  • Practice communicating their skills in an interview setting

Career development course

The career development course helps students develop core career-seeking skills. Students who complete the career development course will refine their résumé writing and interview skills and align their career goals with their values, skills and interests. The course is rooted in the Centre for Career Action’s expertise in career development theory.

What do PD1 EDGE students do in the course?

  • Develop their résumés through feedback and virtual critiques
  • Refine their interview skills during the application process by signing up for virtual mock interviews and practicing responses through course assessments
  • Reflect on their existing skills and values and articulate those skills to potential employers

Work and community experiences

The spread of COVID-19 is posing additional challenges for students looking to complete a work and community experience during the Spring 2022 term. If you haven’t already completed the career development course milestone, consider enrolling in PD1 EDGE this term instead of completing a Work and community experience.

In order to complete the EDGE certificate, students must complete three work and community experience milestones. Each milestone requires students to pair a work or volunteer experience with an elective professional development (PD) course, complete a reflection assignment, and receive a performance evaluation.

Students can complete their work or community experience milestones in three ways:

  • University-affiliated experiences: minimum 36 hours in a work or volunteer opportunity linked to the University's faculties, student societies, clubs, offices and services
  • Non-university-affiliated experiences: minimum 36 hours in a work or volunteer opportunity with an organization outside of the university
  • Experiential learning courses: minimum 18 hours in an academic course that includes a work-integrated learning component

Looking for experiences this term? We recommend starting with these three resources:

  • The EDGE LEARN community: Watch for posted opportunities and details on how to apply.
  • WaterlooWorks - Other Job Board: Explore positions on WaterlooWorks open to all students. Check back regularly as new opportunities are regularly available.
  • WaterlooWorks - External Job Boards: Find a number of job boards to explore based on your interests including exclusively remote positions. External boards include both paid and volunteer opportunities.

Check in with the EDGE team when you have found an opportunity to discuss if it can be used for a work & community experience milestone.