Rates, scheduling and registration


Our program is offered at a tuition of CDN $1,667 per student, per in-house course and $900 per student per distance-education course. This fee covers all required notes, texts etc., and is negotiable where an organization enrolls multiple students, or where special arrangements have been made. An equivalency challenge exam for the first course, Introduction to optics is offered at a fee of CDN$ 400, and is scheduled individually.

Course schedule

We are currently offering the distance-ed version of Introduction to optics which begins September 8th, 2008. The in-house version of "Radiometry and Photometry" will run from September 8th, 2008 to December 8th 2008 in the optometry building. The class time is from 4:30pm to 7:30pm.

Any of our courses may be offered on-site or by internet videoconference when there is significant demand. Distance education packages suitable for individual students will be available beginning in January 2007. Please contact us to express your interest.


To join any of our courses, simply register online, or return our registration form (PDF) / registration form (doc.). Late registrations may be considered.