Resource Description
HyperPhysics at Georgia State University A visually oriented tutorial covering basic concepts in physical & geometrical optics and photometry. Interactive demonstrations include diffraction and interference by slits.
Molecular Expressions Optical Microscopy Primer Extensive description of the techniques and history of optical microscopy. Includes a fascinating gallery of microscope images. The primer covers basic concepts such as interference interactively.
Physics 2000, University of Colorado at Boulder Teaches concepts in quantum theory, electromagnetics, atomic and nuclear physics. The site uses an amusing comic-strip dialogue format and interactive visuals. It also explains applied aspects of electromagnetism, like the workings of the laser and applications like laser cooling.
Daniel Roth's optics applets, University of Kaiserslauten A selection of applets illustrating concepts like the damped harmonic oscillator, refraction, polarization and interference.
Virtual Physics Laboratory, National Taiwan Normal University Visual demonstrations of concepts in optics and physics in general, such as the thick lens.
Two slit demonstration An excellent interactive illustration of 2 slit interference. It demonstrates wavelength, slit separation, slit and screen distance dependences.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA) Description of optics concepts applied to space exploration, particularly interferometry.
University of Toronto Physics Lab Primer Description and demonstration of lens optics, spectra and standing waves.
Matrix optics by I.R.Dagg nline publication of a textbook. Provides a detailed discussion of principles in matrix optics, as well as applications to specific systems.
Opthalmic optics for beginners An explanation of the correction of vision by eyeglasses.
Fibre optics, Corning Optical fibres explained. Includes both principles and details related to application.
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