ECE 637 - Digital CMOS Integrated Circuits


Professor Manoj Sachdev

Calendar description

Design of CMOS digital integrated circuits at the transistor level. Related topics include MOSFET switch and models, logic gate design, transistor sizing, interconnect parasitics, gate delay, timing design, logical effort, static and dynamic logic families, latch and flip-flop elements, arithmetic circuits.


ECE 445

Detailed description

  1. MOS Transistor - Review (6 lecture hours)
    • Static behavior
    • Parasitic capacitances and dynamic behavior
    • Short channel effects
    • Concept of scaling and trends
    • SPICE MOS models
    • Process variations and process impact
  2. MOS Inverter (6 lecture hours)
    • Properties
    • Static behavior – switching threshold, Noise margin
    • Dynamic behavior – capacitance, propagation delay
    • Power, energy consumption and power-delay, energy-delay products
    • Layout considerations/design rules
  3. CMOS Combinational Circuits (6 lecture hours)
    • Implementation styles Static, ratioed, pass transistor, CPL, dynamic logic
    • Signal integrity issues in dynamic circuits
    • Cascading of dynamic circuits
    • Logic styles for low power and high performance applications
  4. CMOS Sequential Circuit (6 lecture hours)
    • Timing metrics for sequential circuits
    • Static and dynamic sequential flip-flops and latches
    • High speed pipeline circuits
  5. Interconnect Parasitics (3 lecture hours)
    • Capacitive parasitics, modeling, cross talk
    • Resistive parasitics, modeling, IR drop, electromigration
    • Inductive parasitics
  6. Timing Issues in Digital Circuits (5 lecture hours)
    • Single-phase and two-phase clocking
    • Clock skew and jitter
    • Clock generation and distribution
    • Self-timed circuit design
    • Synchronizers and arbiters
  7. CMOS Arithmetic Circuits (4 lecture hours)
    • Adders, circuit and architecture

Text book

Digital Integrated Circuits: A Design Perspective, Jan Rabaey, A. Chandrakasan, and B. Nikolic, 2nd Edition, Printice Hall, ISBN 0-13-090996-3.


A group IC design project is an essential component of this course. The project involves transistor-level digital circuit design, simulation and layout.