MASc candidates are required to present a seminar on their thesis topic as part of their degree requirements. The purpose of the seminar is to develop your ability to communicate the results of your research in an organized and informative manner. The seminar is not an oral examination of your thesis. Once completed, the MASc Seminar Milestone is recorded on the student’s academic record.

Following are instructions for completing the seminar milestone degree requirement:

Note: at least one week’s notice is required to prepare for seminar announcements.

  1. Confirm with your supervisor, and one other faculty member who is willing to attend, a date for completion of your seminar milestone.
  2. Once a date is determined, email the following information to the MASc Program Coordinator/Advisor so they can prepare the Seminar Notice and Seminar Milestone forms :
    • Title
    • Abstract (Microsoft Word (doc file) preferred)
    • Proposed date and time for your seminar
    • Audio-visual requirements (for example, data projector or laptop) 
  3. Pick up the MASc Seminar Milestone from the MASc Program Coordinator/Advisor just prior to your seminar date and take it with you to the Seminar. Your supervisor and one other faculty member must sign the Milestone form .
  4. Return the signed Seminar Milestone form to the MASc Program Coordinator/Advisor who will submit it to the ECE Graduate Officer for an approval signature .

Once the milestone has been completed and approved, the Seminar Milestone form will be forwarded to Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs who will record completion of the Seminar Milestone on your academic record.