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Master of Engineering (MEng)

The MEng program is designed with the professional in mind and is based on industry relevant course work. Eight courses are required to earn the degree with a minimum of five electrical and computer engineering courses.

The MEng is an ideal option for new graduates looking to quickly specialize in a competitive job market, those seeking new skills and credentials from a leading Canadian university, or the industry professional who is looking for career advancement opportunities. Students must be fully self-funded.

Program highlights

  • Earn a professional MEng degree from a highly respected university.
  • Employers recognize the quality of our program, meaning your skills will be in high demand as an MEng graduate from the University of Waterloo.
  • Study full or part-time.
  • Select your area of specialization to personalize your education.
  • Graduate Diploma options are available.
  • Complete your MEng in one year through full-time study.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers Graduate Diplomas of specialization in core and emerging areas such as: Computer Networking and Security, Software Engineering, Sustainable Energy and Management Sciences (offered in collaboration with the Department of Management Sciences) to those completing an MEng degree.

Admission requirements and application deadlines

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