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PhD Program

The PhD program is a research based Doctorate which requires 4 courses, an oral background comprehensive exam, an oral research proposal comprehensive exam, a research seminar, and a PhD thesis to complete. This program is ideal for students looking to gain advanced hands on research experience to be a top level candidate in today’s job market and for those students looking to go on and pursue careers in academia. The program typically takes about 4 years (12 terms) to finish and accepted candidates will receive full funding towards the completion of their program. The primary objective of the PhD program is the accomplishment of independent and original research work topic in one of our 13 areas of specialization and the reporting thereof in a research thesis. Students will actively work in labs on their thesis research as well as other research being conducted by their faculty supervisor in addition to their other academic requirements.

For a complete list of degree requirements please see the Graduate Calendar.

Program highlights

  • Complete a research based Master’s degree from one of the top 50 engineering schools worldwide and the largest Electrical and Computer Engineering department in Canada.
  • Full-time students receive guaranteed funding.
  • Focus your research on one of 13 areas of specialization.
  • Some of the largest and best equipped research facilities in Canada.
  • Work on cutting edge technology.
  • Creator owned Intellectual Property.
  • Study full or part-time.
  • Benefit from the experience and knowledge of over 90 faculty members.

Admission requirements

All applicants of the PhD program must normally hold a Master of Applied Science (MASc) degree or an equivalent degree in engineering, applied science or mathematics from a recognized university. The minimum required average for admission to the PhD program is 83%. For a complete list of degree requirements please see the Graduate Calendar.

Additional admission criteria 

  • excellence of background preparation and academic achievement in prior degrees and the possession of a relevant Master's degree,
  • the opinions on academic preparation and research ability contained in three letters of reference,
  • demonstrated ability to formulate research problems and to execute the research required to solve problems (such as a MASc research thesis)
  • English language skills which will allow a candidate to write an acceptable thesis in English and to communicate orally with the university community

Note: An MASc obtained without a full research thesis is normally deemed an inadequate qualification for admission to the PhD program. In exceptional cases, applicants may be admitted, with a minimum duration of three years, from an appropriate Honours Bachelor's degree.

How do I apply?