Information for instructors and teaching assistants

Instructors and Teaching Assistants (TAs): 

Complete the Campus Check-In before arriving on campus each day.

Do not attend campus if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms.

  • Instructors: should you become ill, report your absence to your unit head.
  • TAs: should you become ill, report your absence to the course instructor.

Wear a mask in the classroom.

  • Wear a medical mask whenever you are within 2 metres of an individual(s) for greater than 15 minutes.

Classroom supplies and technology:

Podium fobs are not required to use the instructional technology in classrooms.

  • Sanitize equipment on the podium prior to its use.

Once classroom instruction is complete:

  • shut down the system using the touchscreen, and
  • sanitize equipment on the podium.

For instructional videos on classroom technology, please visit:  Our rooms are most similar to the room shown in the Premium Collaborative Technology video.  There are also videos available on streaming and recording via Teams, WebEx, Zoom, Bongo, and OBS.

Disinfectant and related supplies can be found in all classrooms managed by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

NOTE: Do not use disinfectant wipes to clean electronic equipment; they are for use on hard surfaces only.


Each room is equipped with a microphone but you should use an your own individual windscreen to minimize the risks associated with microphone handling and speaking. Windscreens can be picked up from the Dana Porter or the Davis Center IST Service Desk.

    IMPORTANT: Instructors teaching in-person *must* put the microphone's transmitter back to charge after they are done. The transmitter is shared by all presenters and needs to be recharged between uses.

    Please send an email to: to set up an appointment for you to test your devices in the classroom before your first live-stream.

    • It is vital you test your scenario if you are using lecture capture software. (Note: you may need to book access to the room.)

    Teaching supplies:

    Chalk, erasers, white board markers/cloths are available at the ECE reception desk (EIT 3038).

    Instructors’ and TAs’ responsibilities in the classroom or lab:

    Monitor behavior of all classroom/lab attendees for compliance with masking requirements.

    • In the event of masking non-compliance:
      • Direct the student to put a mask on, or leave the classroom.
      • If a student indicates inability to wear a mask for medical or other reasons, you may request proof of accommodation; if the documentation for the accommodation is unavailable, you may choose to ask the student to leave the classroom until their accommodation status is confirmed. 
      • If a student has an accommodation related to face coverings, they are expected to present this to the instructor in advance.
      • If you ask the student to leave the classroom and the student refuses, causing significant disruption to the continuation of the class, you can call UW’s Special Constables at ext. 22222.
      • If you choose to continue the session, you may report the issue Andrew Morton, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, under Policy 71, after the session is complete.

    NOTE:  Cases may arise where we are required to accommodate a student in a classroom/lab without a mask.  That student will be required to wear a face shield and provide documented proof of their accommodation to the instructor.

    Responding to Covid-19 disclosures or positive cases:

    If a student reports illness, or displays symptoms of illness in the classroom: 

    • ask the student to go home and contact Health Services’ Testing and Assessment Centre to book an appointment.

    If a student discloses to TA or instructor they have tested positive for Covid-19:

    • instruct the student to report the positive result to Health Services through their Covid-19 Support and Advice form. There will be someone helping them go through the form. 

    If a student, TA or instructor has tested positive: 

    • Contact tracing will be initiated from Waterloo Region’s Public Health unit as well as the University.
    • High-risk contacts (e.g., instructors or TAs) that have been exposed will be contacted and directed to self-isolate and get tested. 

    IMPORTANT: If exposure to COVID is confirmed, changes will be implemented to the class meeting schedule.