The following faculty members participate in research related to Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI):

Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligent (PAMI) research area involves theory, methods, operations and systems design that concern the perception, recognition and analysis of patterns of objects (visual, textual, numeric or multimedia) and building systems, machines and programs that exhibit adaptable and intelligent behavior. There are several sub-areas in Pattern recognitions and Machine Intelligence such as sensors management and perception, affective computing, activity recognition, data mining and knowledge discovery, cognitive robotics, cooperative intelligent systems, biometrics, video and image analysis, natural speech recognition, human-machine interaction and applications. These areas and sub-areas are the cornerstone of many applications that are being developed nowadays in various areas of engineering and computer sciences. This ranges from intelligent transportation systems to service robotics, from speech transcription to document classification and clustering, from computer vision to emotion recognition, from prediction of commodities to intelligent power engineering. The members of the PAMI area are renowned researchers in their own fields. They have produced large amount of IP, characterized by more than 50 patents and five spin-off companies in all areas of PAMI. The researchers in PAMI organize on yearly basis a number of international conferences and workshops in the field. PAMI area has been known over the years to attract some of the best researchers and graduate students from all parts of the world. After convocation, PAMI graduate students have been well sought by academic institutions or corporations and industrial companies. Research and training include the most recent software and hardware available in the PAMI field with courses rarely taught in other institutions. Professors, researchers and graduate students generate large amount of IP coming from state-of-the-art research in the PAMI area, leading to patents and software products.