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Computing resources

There are a number of different computing groups on campus.  The top level group is Information Systems and Technology (IST).  They run the services that are used across the whole campus, like telephones, email, networks and many web sites.  The next level that relates to the ECE department is the faculty level computing support (Engineering Computing).  Their main service is running a number of computing labs used for course work.

The last level of support for our department is our local support groups. These are split in two, for departmental computing and research computing.  There are computers supplied by the department (mostly for coursework and administration) and computers purchased by individual professors for the use of their research group.

If you have computing questions and you aren't sure who to ask, it's recommended to contact one of our computing support staff in the department and they will be able to redirect you to the right person if they cannot answer the question themselves.

Departmental Computing

The administrators of the computers used for course work in the department are Bernie Roehl and Eric Praetzel.  They may be reached by email.  For web site information, please see the section below.

Research Computing

There is support within the department for computers that belong to professors and their research groups.

The Research Computing Support Group is comprised of Paul LudwigFernando Rivero HernandezStephen Utter and Phil Regier.

Use the job submission system if you have a hardware or software request for research support.

The list below contains instructions for frequently used procedures:

Web pages

Campus web sites are now required by legislation to meet provincial accessibility requirements.  Many top-level sites (including the one you are reading) are on an IST server using the WCMS (Waterloo Content Management System).  A major goal of this system is to help ensure accessibility of the web site to comply with the law.  Transferring existing web sites to the WCMS is ongoing but has not reached the level of being able to be used for individual users or courses.

For course work, the university provides a system called LEARN.

The ECE department also has a web server that may be used for courses or by individuals.  For an account for a course, please contact Bernie Roehl.  Members of the department already have an account on (access with your UW userid and password) with a public_html folder where you can put your web content.  Users are responsible for creating the web content themselves by whatever method they choose.  Eventually these sites will have to be in an accessible format so don't spend too much time creating a fantastic site without ensuring its accessibility.  The URL of the resulting website will be, where userid is your userid or the userid of the course if it's a course web site.