All students and employees of the university are assigned a userid and password to gain access to university services.  The name of the service that manages your userid and password is WatIAM.  The WatIAM service is also used to define where your university email will be sent.  Your email address is, where userid is your university assigned userid.  You can see the setting if you go to the WatIAM home page and login using the 'WatIAM User Access' selection in the left menu.  Under your profile, you will see an 'Email forward' field and this is where you'll enter the email address where you'd like your email to be sent.  This can be any valid email address.  It is recommended to use the account you're provided by the university (see below) but you may use external services if you wish.

The university has two email systems, Connect (for faculty, staff and ECE grad students) and Mailservices (for undergraduates).  Graduate students who are new to the university will have a Connect email created automatically, while grad students who have done their undergraduate degree here will still have their Mailservices account.  If you wish to verify whether you have one of these accounts, just attempt to login to the web page access to Connect and Mailservices.  If you are denied access then it means you don't have an account on that service.

If you do have an account on one or both of these services and you don't intend on using it for your email, then make sure you forward the email for that service to the place where you will be reading your email.  The reason for this is that if you have an account on Connect for example, and someone else who has a Connect account sends you email, then it will go to your Connect account rather than check WatIAM to see where you're forwarding your email.  This can result in important email not being seen if you assume that every email will follow your WatIAM forwarding instructions.

Please contact your department support staff or the IST help desk for email problems and questions.