Past graduates and affiliates

Past graduates and affiliates of the Emerging Radio Systems Group (EmRG) often secure highly sought after positions in Canadian and foreign industry. Most of our alumni are currently employed in the Information and Communication Technology sector, by companies such as Ericsson, Skyworks, Apple, Freescale, and Keysight (full list below). 

Anik Islam

Research Assistant (2013-2015)
Technical Project Manager (2015-2017)
Graduated (MASc, 2016).

Yiling Xu

Graduated (MASc, 2016).
Currently: RF Systems Engineer at Apple.

Kimberley Brynn King

Graduated (MASc, 2016).
Currently: Hardware Engineer at Swift Labs.

Hassan Shakoor

Graduated (MASc, 2016).
Currently: Research Associate at University of Waterloo.

Hamed Golestaneh

Graduated (PhD, 2016).
Currently: RFIC/mm-wave design engineer at Peraso.

Bilel Fehri

Graduated (PhD, 2015).
Currently: Algorithm engineer at Ericsson.

Kasyap Patel

Graduated (MASc, 2015).
Currently: RF applications engineer at Wolfspeed.

Farouk Mkadem

Graduated (PhD, 2014).
Currently: Communications systems engineer at Maxlinear.

Hassan Sarbishaei

Graduated (PhD, 2014).
Currently: Design engineer at Skyworks Solutions.

Mehdi Naseri Ali Abadi

Graduated (MASc, 2014).
Currently: Engineer at Skyworks Solutions.

Aneta Wyrzykowska

Graduated (MASc, 2014).

Raymond Lei Zhu

Research Assistant (2012-2014).
Currently: Senior RF engineer at Apple.

Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed

Graduated (PhD, 2013).
Currently: RF design engineer at Nanowave Technologies.

Dylan Bespalko

Graduated (PhD, 2015).
Currently: RF engineer at nimimo.

Amreen Khan

Graduated (MASc, 2013).
Currently: Microwave engineer at Peregrine Semiconductor.

Nizar Mrabet

Graduated (MASc, 2013).
Currently: Hardware developer at Ericsson.

David Wu

Graduated (PhD, 2013).
Currently: RFIC designer engineer at Freescale Semiconductor.

Xin Fu

Graduated (MASc, 2012).
Currently: RF design engineer at Freescale Semiconductor.

Aynaz Vatankhalghadin

Graduated (MASc, 2010).
Currently: Analog design engineer at Intel Corporation.

Reza Ghajar

Graduated (MASc, 2010).
Currently: RF engineer at Apple.

Marie-Claude Fares

Graduated (MASc, 2009).
Currently: Intern architect at B+H Architects.

Nizar Messaoudi

Graduated (MASc, 2009).
Currently: Application engineer at Keysight Technologies.

Henry Lai

Graduated (MASc, 2009).
Senior Software developer at Surge Software.

Han Bae Gil

Graduated (MASc, 2007).

Daniel Frebrowski

Research Associate (2010-2015).
Currently: Design engineer at Qorvo.

Foad Arfaei Malekzadeh

Post Doctoral Fellow (2012-2013).
Currently: Senior staff engineer at Skyworks Solutions.

Houssem Medini

Visiting Graduate Intern (2011-2012).
Currently: Project manager at Society Generale.

Imaddudin Mohammad

Undergraduate Intern (2011).
Currently: Hardware engineer at Microsoft.

Venkata Gutta

Post Doctoral Fellow (2011).
Currently: RF hardware engineering consultant at Huawei Technologies.

Jangheon Kim

Post Doctoral Fellow (2011).
Currently: Senior RF/wireless development engineer at Freescale Semiconductor.

Hanbat Kil

Undergraduate Intern (2010).
Currently: Software developer at NthGen Software.

Myriem Boubakri

Visiting Graduate Intern (2009-2010).

Morsi Ben Ayed

Visiting Graduate Intern (2009-2010).
Currently: R&D engineer at KAP IT TUNISIA.

Yassine Abdelhedi

Visiting Undergraduate Intern (2009).
Currently: ITAC engineer at Tata Communications.

Oleg Petelin

Undergraduate Intern (2012).
Currently: MASc candidate at University of Toronto.