Employees are encouraged to connect with their relevant association to seek confidential support about any employment issue and/or employee wellness.

Website Description
Campus Wellness Campus Wellness offers professional medical care and mental health services to students. Resources are available to Faculty and Staff to assist students who may be struggling or in distress. 
Healthy Workplace The University of Waterloo is committed to creating a healthy, safe and supportive work environment, ensuring that all individuals are valued, engaged and are able to thrive.
Human Resources Human Resources is committed to providing services that are relevant, timely, and consistent. When providing services to you, we will be approachable, responsive, and supportive.
Occupational Health Occupational Health Nurses work closely with managers, supervisors, Human Resources, and individual employees to maintain, promote and restore employee health, safety & wellbeing. 
Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace The University of Waterloo promotes workplace wellness and strives to improve psychological health and safety with the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.