VerifEye Image Quality Measurement

Ronak Shah and Yetian Wang
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 Taxicam G5 from VerifEye Technologies Inc.VerifEye Technologies Inc., located in Markham, Ontario, specializes in security solutions for the transportation industry. Their main product, Taxicam is a surveillance system within a taxi cab that records video of passengers that enter the taxi. The information gathered using this system can be used by authorities to locate and prosecute a criminal if a driver is harmed. VerifEye also offers surveillance systems for school buses and large transportation trucks. In any application, decisions must be made regarding the type and configuration of image sensors (video cameras) used. To assist in these decisions, the company wants to find a method to quantify image quality in order to compare the sensor configurations. With quantified measurements and data, the best configuration of image sensors can be chosen and result in higher quality images and better video evidence in case of a crime.

Ronak Shah, a student from the University of Waterloo, was asked to develop a method that would quantify the measurement of image quality.

Learning objectives: 

The learning objective of this case study is to apply the knowledge and techniques of signal systems using a real world application. The case study contains application of Fourier transforms, signal analysis under frequency domain, and sampling. Students will be asked to minimize artifacts such as aliasing and noise.  This case study is intended for SYDE 252 (Linear Signals and Systems). 

Key words: 
Image Sensor; Signal Analysis; Fourier transform; Sampling Theorem
CEAB attributes: 
Knowledge Base; Problem Analysis; Investigation
Module 01 - Case Study
Module 02 – Needs Analysis (Restricted to educators only)
Module 03 – Test Method and Analysis (Restricted to educators only)

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