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Online Faculty Information System (OFIS)

What is OFIS?

OFIS is a faculty-member database that gathers information from several institutional sources so faculty members can more easily generate academic reports that use this data. In order to make full use of OFIS, faculty members need to add information about their activities not contained in other institutional databases.

OFIS Data Sources:

  • Human Resources (basic appointment data)
  • WatIAm (basic appointment data)
  • the Graduate Student Office (record of graduate student supervision)
  • the Office of Research (record of funding applications and decisions)
  • Quest (record of teaching activities)
  • Engineering's undergrad course critiques (record of teaching activities)
  • Faculty members themselves (contributions, bio, affiliations, etc.)
  • Google Scholar (contributions from the web)
  • Microsoft Academic Search (contributions from the web)
  • the DBLP Computer Science Bibliography Search (contributions from the web)

You can edit or delete data that you add yourself, and can now modify data that comes from institutional sources.

What's New?

  • OFIS v1.7 now supports multilingual, customizable preferences such as language, dynamic theme, record pagination etc. Overall, OFIS is much faster compared to previous releases (August 2012)
    • Contributions can be bulk imported using a csv or excel template
    • Reports allow you to set date ranges
    • Can generate a research web page for you through the university's WCMS (Waterloo Content Management System)
    • As requested by the faculty of Environment, staff can add their research, contributions, etc. data to their account
  • Streamlined Contribution Input: You can now cut and paste your publications as a single bibliographic entry as an alternative to entering bibliographic components separately. (November, 2009)
  • Affiliations: We have added a separate section where you can input your research group and professional affiliations and memberships (November, 2009)
  • Research Web Pages: by adding just a few items about your research interests, affiliations and publications, OFIS can generate a research web page for you at the engineering office of research's 'find an expert' search tool
  • Reports are formatted as rich text files which allow further customisation using MS Office
  • You can designate someone else to enter information for you

What's coming?

We're working on a facility to convert BIBTEX references and MS Word documents to a form suitable for uploading into OFIS contributions.