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Remote access is available to Engineering Computing and many Engineering departmental computer labs from Windows, OS/X and Linux computers. To access the system visit

Pocketnexus - A Single Sign-on Solution

PocketNexus is a single sign-on solution, it allows computer users to access their files, printers and maybe other resources from home, at UW, or anywhere there is internet access and they have a Mac or a PC, an Android, Blackberry10 or iPhone/iPod, all without having to enter one’s userid and password.Your computer doesn’t have to be on nexus, but it will be able to access resources as though it were.

The Mac and PC version are functionally identical; the same instructions work for both.

Pocketnexus will:

  • Connect you through the VPN (entering your password for you)
  • Attach your N: drive (and R: drive for Engineering researchers)
  • Attach your favourite printer
  • Check your calendar if you use Exchange
  • Auto-Log you into CAS-enabled web sites (like Learn, Portal, CMS, ONA)
  • Auto-Log into SharePoint
  • Allow you to access software acquired from the UW store – either running EXEs/MSIs directly, or downloading and mounting ISOs for installation (Mac+PC). See this in action near the bottom of the page

With PocketNexus you are always within reach of your files printers and other resources.

If you see any issues or have any suggestions, please contact

The following versions are available:

Frequently Asked Questions

New Store Feature - Connect to UW Software Store

See it in action (about 1 minute) :

Pocketnexus login
Once logged in, click on the Store to see any software you can access from the UW Software Store.

Pocketnexus selecting software