IMPORTANT: WEEF cannot under any circumstances transfer money from one university account to another. This is due to a restriction placed on the account as an endowment fund. WEEF's contribution to your purchase MUST be on the purchase requisition or request for payment (RFP). If a department pays for the entire purchase price up front, they will NOT be reimbursed.

Payment processing starting in Spring 2017

The University of Waterloo has instituted a new account system. This has changed the payment functions, processing procedures, and information needed to purchase or distribute funding within the University. There are two major ways to receive funding through WEEF.

1) You purchase the item and WEEF reimburses you. WEEF is currently using the UWaterloo Finance reimbursement form (excel).

You can ignore all travel related entry areas. WEEF will fill in the account, activity, and group values and sign off on the funding.

2) You submit an order through UNIT 4 (the new accounting system) and WEEF will approve the appropriate funding amounts.

Faculty with access to unit 4 can place a note in Unit 4. In the note please include the following information

  • Proposal number ex (S17-1118 , W17- 985)
  • Total approval funding
  • Items purchasing

WEEF does not have access to UNIT 4 because the of the high administration costs as determined by the University. If you do not have access to UNIT 4 and view it as the optimal way to receiving the funding, please email us and Anca Constantinescu and set up an appointment.