There are three categories of WEEF Proposals. These categories are used to roughly divide proposals to be more effectively evaluated at Funding Council. These categories are:

  • Academic (related to a course)
  • Student Team (you are part of a student run team)
  • Miscellaneous (any other group)

If you are unsure as to which category please contact the WEEF Director.

When submitting a proposal please keep the following points in mind:

  • A concise proposal is more effective and also more likely to be read in its entirety by the Funding Council.
  • It is greatly appreciated if you provide options for various levels of partial funding. This does not lessen your chances of obtaining full funding.
  • Padded proposals such as requesting an unrealistic or unnecessary amount are not well received by the Funding Council.
  • Please consult previous proposals for more guidance.

Here is how you can submit a proposal:

  • Consult the Funding Guidelines for information regarding what should and should not be requested from WEEF.
  • Fill in the online application using the online proposal guide (PDF).
  • After you submit your proposal online, you will receive a confirmation email in which you can select a presentation time. The presentation dates can be found in the important dates section.
  • Give a three minute presentation/Q&A session for the Funding Council at the presentations meeting.

Thank you for your interest in submitting a WEEF Proposal!