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Program Assistant

2018 Applications are now CLOSED!

We are looking for creative, energetic, fun individuals who have a passion for science, engineering, and technology. 

During the months of July and August, Program Assistants (PAs) will be working on a "low ratio" or "as needed" basis in the camp rooms with campers from our High Needs Support Program. In addition, PAs will also be working as a support to leaders in the camp rooms.

6 Program Assistant positions are available for summer 2018. 

  • Each PA will be scheduled on main campus in Waterloo for 5 weeks and off campus in a satellite location for 3 weeks.  For off-campus weeks, transportation, food, and lodging will all be provided.
  • Program Assistants are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the ESQ Support Program.
  • This is an approximately 9-week position starting in late June and ending in August.

Who should apply

If you have the following, you'll be a great fit for us:

  • Experience working with children with special needs
  • A background in science, engineering, and/or education
  • Able to adapt to new situations quickly
  • A demonstrated ability to manage, redirect, encourage and engage with children requiring additional support and attention as well as communicating directly with parents.
  • Comfortable working overnight and away from home for 3x one week periods.

How to apply

Create an application package that contains the following in a single PDFPlease ensure that your name is on every page of your application:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • 1-page description of how you would modify the write-up linked below to accommodate a child with a different learning abilities or physical capabilities.  Please state at the outset of the description what traits you are modifying for.

         Sample Circuit Write Up (DOC)

Please send your application to:

  • In person: Engineering Outreach RCH Portable, University of Waterloo
  • By email:

ESQ will only consider complete applications and will not follow up with any candidates who submit incomplete applications. 


Interviews will take place in-person on January 11th to January 13th. These will take place at the University of Waterloo. Please ensure that you are available!



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