Program Assistant

We are looking for creative, energetic, fun individuals who have a passion for science, engineering, and technology. 

During the months of July and August, Program Assistants (PAs) will be working on a "low ratio" or "as needed" basis in the camp rooms with campers from our High Needs Support Program. In addition, PAs will also be working as a support to leaders in the camp rooms.

3 Program Assistant positions are available for Summer 2022. 

  • Each PA will be scheduled on main campus at University of Waterloo. They will be placed in one ESQ camp, depending on camper needs
  • Program Assistants are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the ESQ Support Program.
  • This is an approximately 10-week position starting in late June and ending in August.

Who should apply

If you have the following, you'll be a great fit for us:

  • Experience working with children requiring extra support
  • A background in science, engineering, and/or education
  • Able to adapt to new situations quickly
  • A demonstrated ability to manage, redirect, encourage and engage with children requiring additional support and attention as well as communicating directly with parents.

How to apply

Create an application package that contains the following in a single PDFPlease ensure that your name is on every page of your application:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • 2 references
  • 1-page description of how you would modify the write-up linked below to accommodate a child with different learning abilities or physical capabilities.  Please state at the outset of the description what traits you are modifying for.

         Sample Activity (Toroidal Tornado) pdf

ESQ will only consider complete applications and will not follow up with any candidates who submit incomplete applications. 


Interviews will take place virtually. We will reach out to you!