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At the Waterloo campus we offer both our traditional engineering & science camps and our technology camps. All camps are held on the University of Waterloo main campus and take advantage of the many opportunities that a university provides through research tours and lab space. We also engage with local community groups and businesses to visit camp rooms and give demonstrations about the work they do in science and engineering.

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The technology camps (Hawking, Payette and Tesla) run out of campus computer labs and place a greater emphasis on the use of computers and related technology, such as multimedia editing and electronics.

Hawking (formerly grade 3/4 Science and Tech) is a program that combines the engineering, science and technology programs into a camp aimed at grade 3 and 4 campers.  Campers can expect their time to be shared between the three main focus areas.

To get a sense for what ESQ camps are like check out our activities page, where you can find examples from previous years!

Our camps are divided into age groups - each age group offers several programs each week (i.e. Banting A, Banting B, Banting C).  All camps run each week for the entire summer. Depending on the age of your child, you can register them for up to four weeks of unique experiences. These weeks do not have to be in a row.

Please refer below to the maximum number of camps in which you may register for each camp name.

Banting 1,2 4 $245
Suzuki 3,4 3 $245
Hawking  3,4 1 $265
Newton 5,6 2 $245
Edison 7,8,9 1 $245
Payette 5,6 2 $285 (Apps), $290 (Ops)
Tesla 7,8,9 2 $285 (Apps), $290 (Ops)
Catalyst 10 and up See site  

Looking for a camp experience for youth entering grade 10 or higher? Check out Waterloo Engineering's Catalyst program

Pick-up and Drop-off 

Summer drop off times are 8 AM to 9 AM, and pick up is 4 to 5 PM. Extended pick up hours from 5:00 to 5:30 are available for the week at an extra charge of $40 / camper.

See the camp rooms

Families of all campers are invited to see their children's rooms on Thursday between 4:00 and 4:45 pm. This is a great opportunity to see the environment your child has been in for the week and view displays with activities they were unable to take home.

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