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All of our programs at Waterloo Engineering are direct-entry, which means you have to choose a major on your application.

To help explore which program may be right for you, we've created a short quiz. Based on a survey of current students' values, interests, skills and personalities, we've created a preference based quiz for applicants who aren't sure where to start or weigh their many options. Take the quiz!

How it works

This quiz was created from a 3rd year Management Engineering "data mining" project, studying hundreds of current Waterloo Engineering students. The project explored the fundamental differences between students in each of our programs (excluding Architecture, and Architectural Engineering). 

The Management Engineering students found that there are clear trends within programs. The most significant questions from this project have been implemented in our quiz to help prospective students choose the best program for their interests, values and personalities. It is a great starting point for your research!