Mechatronics Engineering 2021

Chelsea MartinHi, I'm Chelsea and I'm going into my fourth year of Mechatronics! Always happy to share my experiences and help with any questions, so feel free to reach out!

Why I chose Waterloo Engineering...

I chose Waterloo Engineering because of the atmosphere. The students here are friendly, like-minded individuals who enjoy learning as much as I do. Plus, the gorgeous campus is definitely an added bonus.

I wish I had known before I came...

I wish I had known how close I would become to all of my classmates. Even though I sit alongside 100 other students in my classes, it’s impossible not to see a familiar face. I didn't realize how many like-minded people I would be sitting beside everyday.

Waterloo Engineering in one word...


What I like best about my program...

The versatility. I like learning about a variety of different subjects. It really helped me discover what areas I like and what areas I'd rather not pursue. I also enjoy that I'm not restricted to one field and I am able to apply the things I learn to different problems.

Outside of the classroom, I am involved in...

Outside of school I volunteer with Women in Engineering events and I play intramural sports with friends.

About my Co-op experience:

I've worked in a variety of fields, mostly related to software. My favourite co-op was with a biomedical company called Intellijoint because I really enjoyed the work I was doing and the people I was working with. The projects I worked on were all-encompassing of what I was learning in school which I thought was interesting. I also really enjoyed my co-op with Wayfair in Boston. Working in a new city was an unforgettable experience and working at such a large company was very fun and exciting.

One more thing about me:

I'm a huge fan of dogs!

Contact me:

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