Civil Engineering 2022

Dana UtasyI’m Dana, and I’m in civil engineering, class of 2022, here at UWaterloo. I am really enjoying it because it’s challenging and interesting. We learn such a variety of things, from geology to transportation engineering to structural analysis.

Waterloo Engineering in one word:


I chose Waterloo Engineering because:

I liked how the programs are divided by type of engineering right from first year instead of taking a general first year. My class is all civil engineering students and we take all the same courses together. This way, you get to know everyone in your class. It’s also easy to make friends in other engineering departments and it’s nice to talk to them to find out what they’re learning. Another thing I love about Waterloo is the number of clubs and teams there are. The engineering design teams are especially cool. I’m on the Warrior Home design team, we’re designing a net-zero ready home. There are many design teams for all different interests.

The best thing about my program is:

I didn’t know it before I started here, but civil engineering is such a diverse subject! There are so many things to specialize in and so many different electives to take in upper years. Civil engineers design things that affect people everyday like roads, bridges, sewers, or buildings. This makes it feel like what we are learning will help us improve society in the future.

About Co-op:

I have done 4 co-op terms at 3 companies so far. They have all been very different experiences in diverse fields - structural analysis for telecommunications towers, transportation planning, construction management, and transportation modelling/analysis. I really appreciate the co-op program for all the opportunities, connections, and skills that I've gained because of it.

I wish I had known before I came:

Don’t get too caught up in school, take time to check out all the cool clubs and teams you can join.

Outside the classroom, I’m involved with:

One more thing about me:

I lived in the Women in Engineering Living Learning Community in first year, and worked there as a Peer Leader in second/third year!

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