Biomedical Engineering 2021

Chelsea Martin

I chose engineering at Waterloo because…

I choose Waterloo because of its phenomenal co-op program, the flexibility of a Waterloo Engineering degree (through technical electives) and its reputation for innovation.

I wish I had known before I came..

Although grade 12 is a very important time for high school students, it also one of the last times you have a good amount of free time, try to have fun!

I chose my program because…

I have always been interested in engineering, biology, and medicine. It was difficult for me to decide on which path I wanted to take until I heard about Biomedical Engineering at Waterloo. When I researched Biomedical Engineering further I found that it has a fascinating mix of the very things I am passionate for and that’s when I decided I want to study Biomedical Engineering.

Waterloo Engineering in one word...


What I like best about my program…

My classmates!

Highlights of my first year experience...

Being more independent - both in learning and other aspects of my life.

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