Management Engineering 2022

Introduce yourself briefly:

Hi! My name is Emily Nairn. I am in 2B Management Engineering, and will be graduating in 2022. I am from a really small town called Cobourg, ON and knew no one at Waterloo before coming in first year. Since then, I have totally fallen in love with Waterloo Engineering and Waterloo in general :)

Emily Nairn

Waterloo Engineering in one word:



I choose Waterloo Engineering because:

The amazing co-op program. I also loved the idea of having all my classes with the same people in my cohort!


The best thing about my program is:

How tightknit my class is. We are all friends, in the classroom and outside of it! I know that if I ever need help understanding a concept or reviewing material before an exam, I can ask any of my classmates J


About my Co-op experience:

For my first co-op, I worked at TD as a Digital Customer Experience and Strategy intern. For my second co-op, I worked as a Cloud Analyst at Sourced Group. Both of them gave me huge insights into different roles, and the differences between working for a large and small company. I am looking forward to exploring more coops in development and product management J


I wish I had known before I came:

Everyone is in this together! There are tons of social and academic events in the first few weeks to ensure you get to know the rest of the first years and the supports Waterloo has to offer.


Outside the classroom, I’m involved with:

Since first year, I have been involved in Engineering Ambassadors, Industry 4.0 Design team, UWxPM and a few intramural teams!


One more thing about me:

I have been to 12 schools and UW is definitely my favourite one!


Contact me at:

University of Waterloo