Nanotechnology Engineering 2021

Kaitlyn Ham

Hi! My name’s Kaitlyn and I’m a part of the 2021 Nano Engineering class. I’m from Ajax, Ontario but Waterloo has quickly become a second home to me. Pretty much all my time is spent in the QNC (true for all the nanos), but when I’m not there, I’m also a part of the Waterloo Warriors Varsity Cheerleading Team and took part in Waterloo Eng Orientation. So if you have any questions about Nano, or absolutely anything else, feel free to email me and ask away! I’m friendly, I promise!

Why I chose Waterloo Engineering...

The co-op is great. You’ll hear it all the time here because it’s true. Waterloo sets their engineers up with great work experience that also helps financially. Another reason why I chose Waterloo Engineering is because of the unique Nanotechnology Engineering program that I’m in. There are plenty of other schools that have programs for most of the other engineering disciplines, but Nanotechnology is not typically found as an undergraduate program. It's really interesting and a lot of new things are happening within the program, as the current students are still shaping the way the program will be run in future years.

I chose my program because...

I wasn't really sure which program I wanted to go into at first. I knew I wanted to go into engineering, but none of the more traditional engineering types really sounded interesting to me until I saw nano. Yes, everyone jokes about how they chose the program because it "sounded cool" and I have to admit that it’s kind of true. After I looked into it more, however, I realized that it’s a really specific program, but at the same time it's a really broad program. It's specific in the sense that it's nanotechnology; everything about it is on the nano scale and there's a whole set of new things to learn about that. Then the program is also very broad too in that it's possible to go into so many different fields within nanotechnology, from bio to materials to electronics, etc. and I really like the idea of having all of those options still open.

What I like best about my program...

The Nanotechnology class becomes such a great close knit community. Everyone is friendly to each other and eager to help each other out where they can, even if they've never met before. This is definitely going to be a tough program, but the great people who are in it will help you get through it. Another thing that's great about Nanotechnology is the traditions that we have. It makes the whole class feel connected to all of the past classes and sets us apart from the other disciplines. Lastly, the QNC is by far the best building on campus and all of the other engineering (and non-engineering) students are jealous of the nanos because we get to spend all of our time there.

Favourite extra-curricular...

UWaterloo Cheerleading! It’s great having a whole other cheer family to lean on and practices always brighten my mood and boost my spirits so much, especially when I’m getting stressed out with schoolwork.

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