Nanotechnology Engineering 2021

Laura Haba

Why did I choose Waterloo Engineering:

Aside from constantly being one of the top two engineering schools in Canada, Waterloo Engineering provides us students with co-op. I believe gaining work experience, in a field such as engineering, is equally important to the knowledge you learn in a classroom, and thus chose Waterloo for the fantastic work opportunities that await me in my co-op terms.

Waterloo Engineering in one word:


I chose my program because:

The prospect of development of new and life altering technologies is what first drew my attention to the field of nanotechnology engineering. I also liked the multidisciplinary aspect of the program, which allows me to work in a variety of fields, from bio-medicine to materials engineering and more!

What I wish I had known before I had come:

I wish I'd known what a fantastic community exists here at Waterloo Engineering and all the opportunities awaiting student here! 

Favourite Moment:

Orientation Week

Contact me:

University of Waterloo