Nanotechnology Engineering 2021

Lydia Cheng

I always had a curiosity of the world around me. Ever since I was a child, I would never be afraid to question why things worked the way that they did. In high school, I continued to gain an appreciation of sciences and had a goal to benefit the lives around me. By the time Grade 12 rolled around, I knew that I wanted to pursue a degree that would allow me to apply my knowledge of sciences to the real world. When I came to an open house, I was amazed by the ground-breaking research and projects that were taking place at Waterloo. I realized that the slogan “Ideas Start Here” is a true reflection of what I would be able to accomplish here.

Why I chose Waterloo Engineering

Engineering stood out to me in terms of the problem solving and overall skill sets that would be acquired. Not only is it the top engineering school in Canada, Waterloo also offers co-op in which I would be able to get real engineering experience while studying. These reasons had a significant impact on my decision to pursue the field and continually expose me to the boundless opportunities of engineering.

I wish I had known before I came

I wish that I knew how much the Teaching Assistants want to help us to succeed. I also wasn’t expecting that everyone would be as welcoming as they were.

I chose my program because

I was looking for a program that was rich in the sciences yet, strongly rooted in engineering practices. When I heard about nanotechnology engineering, I was intrigued to discover that there was a strong emphasis on the application of sciences to solve a variety of problems from many different fields. There are endless applications in nanotechnology and I am excited to explore them in the next five years.

Waterloo Engineering in one word


What I like best about my program

One great thing about my program is that everyone is willing to chat with each other. I have already gotten to meet a lot of really nice people. The program itself is really interesting to me because I get to focus on nano-related concepts from the very start of my time here at Waterloo. The professors and teaching assistants are always willing to help you at office hours.

Outside the classroom, I am involved in…

I am currently involved in Women in Engineering (WiE), intramurals, salsa, and Power to Change.

Favourite Moment

Orientation week was so fun! I got to meet people who were in different programs than I was in and I’m still friends with them!

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