Biomedical Engineering 2021

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Manthan Shah

Hey there! I am a student enrolled in Biomedical Engineering. I really like travelling, and am always looking to travel to different places when given some free time. The outdoors and hiking are some of my favourite things as well. At school, I particularly enjoy my programming and Computer-Aided Design courses. I enjoy learning new technologies, to truly understand my full-potential, whilst challenging myself. In terms of my program, the people I am surrounded by is definitely one of the greatest aspects so far. We are essentially one family, and everyone gets to know everybody really well. Additionally, having classes in E5 is also really nice, especially being at the top floor. At Waterloo, I am currently involved in the Engineers in Medicine club, where I am working on redesigning, and redeveloping the club website. I get to be part of great talks by amazing industry leaders, which can be really motivating. I chose engineering at Waterloo because of its reputation, challenging curriculum, and co-op opportunities. Waterloo is known to be an industry-leader, and its work-integrated engineering program makes it not only unique, but allows one to be well-prepared for the real world. My time thus far has shown just that; exceptional, and passionate professors, who really try to make you think outside of the box.

University of Waterloo