Software Engineering 2022

NikhilHello World! I'm a first year software engineering student at the University of Waterloo. I harbour a deep love for CS, Math and Physics and am always up to talk about philosophy. From the anxiety of university admissions to anxiety of getting through HELL week, I've been through it all. Interested students hit me up with questions!! (I give the insider scoop ;))

Waterloo Engineering in one word:

MakeCoolShit ;)

I chose Waterloo Engineering because:

Personally, I was debating between EngSci at UofT and SoftEng at UW. It was an intense argument but in the end it comes down to what are you expecting to gain and experience. I love the startup and hacking-a-quick-solution culture at Waterloo. In point form, here is my take:

1. Based on most stats, Silicon Valley hires mostly from three places: Standford, UC Berkeley, and UWaterloo.

2. The co-op system is unparalleled. A friend student because he has to look for them and apply separately. Having a streamlined system at Waterloo Eng makes life so much simpler.

3. The Innovation Culture: We make cool shit. We make shit happen. Having an ecosystem of passionate people interested in achieving their goals is a huge motivator for one to push their limits. 

4. Software Engineering is a unique program with so many advantages that I can't even begin listing them here. (There are other unique programs too)

in EECS at Berkeley tells me he actually has a harder time getting a job during summer than a Waterloo Eng

The best thing about my program is:

COHORT. You meet amazing people that you learn with/from for the next 5 years. You go through every struggle you can imagine with these awesome people and come out victorious, building lifelong relationships. We're in this together!

About Co-op:

My first coop term will be next summer. I'm hoping to get a job at a fast-growing startup. From my research, big companies offer awesome perks but you won't learn as much in a role of intern at a big company as you would in a startup. I want to really expose myself to the tech scene and I feel a job at a startup is the best way to go about it.

I wish I had known before I came:

Pro tip to surviving first year: learn high school physics seriously. Since we are in the engineering faculty, we are expected to learn a lot of physics and this is probably the most common trouble point for people in software engineering.

Also, go out there and explore what you like through side projects!!! I really wish I had done more of them in high school. (hit me up with questions about interesting side projects ;) )

Outside the classroom, I’m involved with:

  • Engineering Society
  • CUTC '18
  • Microsoft Student Partner
  • Fraser Hacks
  • Hack the Valley
  • Engineering Ambassadors
  • I play badminton recreation-ally and hope to join uw hip hop club next semester.

I love getting involved in ECs. They are a fantastic way to meet some like-minded people who are as excited about something as you are. Message me if you are interested in learning more about any of my extracurriculars :)

One more thing about me:

I had a misconception going into Software Engineering. I thought only a particular type of people go into it. I was anxious if I would fit in (I'm much more of a theoretical person than average). All such concern was quickly resolved and I was happy to discover the diverse array of experiences and backgrounds people come from. Td;dr: Come to Software Engineering and don't worry about fitting in :)

Contact me:

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