Mechatronics Engineering 2021

Raveen D'Souza

Hey! I love meeting new people and answering questions, so if you have any, feel free to email me.

Why I chose Waterloo engineering...

The reason I chose Waterloo engineering is for the amazing education that it provides. I will not only be expanding my knowledge, but also be out in the workplace developing real-life skills through co-op that I cannot learn from a textbook. I will be experiencing actual engineering with other engineers and learning from my mistakes while developing essential skills. The reason I chose Waterloo engineering is because by the time I graduate, I will be ready to go out there and make a difference.

I chose my program because...

The main reason I chose mechatronics engineering is for the breadth and depth of knowledge I’d be receiving. Through this program, I will be exposed to various types of engineering, all while branching them together and gaining a depth of knowledge in it too.

Waterloo engineering in one word...


What I like best about my program...

The thing I like best about mechatronics engineering is that I do not have to stick to one specific career type for the rest of my life. Through the breadth that my program offers, I can find what I am passionate about, and tailor my co-ops to them to achieve a higher degree of knowledge and experience.

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