Biomedical Engineering 2024

Hi I’m Sarah, a member of the Biomedical Engineering class of 2024! Check out my profile if you’d like to learn more about me, and feel free to send me an email if you have any questions about Waterloo, engineering, or campus life!Sarah Dykstra

Waterloo Engineering in one word:


I choose Waterloo Engineering because:

I’ve wanted to go to Waterloo for most of my life, since I’m from Guelph, Ontario and did lots of different programs at Waterloo growing up, including summer camps, math circles, and contests. Once I got into high school I realized that I loved the atmosphere at Waterloo, and the types of programs offered, especially in the math and engineering faculties. While I love math, I also love biology, chemistry, programming, and medicine, and biomedical engineering was the perfect way to combine those! I was also very interested in the co-op program and the emphasis on innovation.

The best thing about my program is:

Definitely the people! I was expecting an extremely competitive environment, but have found that everyone just wants everyone else to succeed, so we all support each other as much as possible. Being in a smaller program (my cohort has about 85 people) I’ve been able to get to know my classmates really well, which has been great!

About my Co-op experience:

My first co-op: I was hired for a remote position with the BETS program, which matches engineering and math students with startups for a co-op placement. My placement was at PASS Inc, which makes mental health first-aid kits. I worked in research and development, and also did some marketing through email newsletters and social media. I’d definitely recommend the BETS program to first years!

I wish I had known before I came:

That it’s okay to fail sometimes. When I started university I was terrified of failing a quiz or letting my average drop, and it made me really stressed. Once I realized that it’s okay if I don’t do too well on an assignment from time to time, I was able to enjoy learning and get involved in things outside of the classroom!

Outside the classroom, I’m involved with:

Engineering Ambassadors: I lead Shadow Days for students interested in Waterloo Waterloo Orientation: As a Big, I talk with first-years and help with all of the events of orientation week! Women in Engineering: I’m a peer leader for the Women in Engineering Living-Learning Community, so I have a small group of first year engineering students that I mentor and provide support to Waterloo Engineering Endowment Fund: I’m one of my class reps, which means I listen to finding pitches from student teams and faculty members, and then vote on where money goes each term. Every engineering student pays into the WEEF fund as part of their tuition!

One more thing about me:

I love doing volunteer work in my spare time! Currently I’m a volunteer with Canadian Blood Services, and in the past I’ve volunteered at seniors’ homes, summer camps, swimming lessons, and an organic farm.

Contact me:

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