Management Engineering 2021

Theo Morissette

Hi Guys! I’m Theo Morissette. Coming from Montreal, QC, I am a passionate Management Engineering student. I chose Management Engineering as I want to pursue a career related to finance after university. Management Engineering fit the bill for that perfectly, with its case days, and unique approach to industrial engineering topics. I am one of my classes WEEF (Waterloo Engineering Endowment Fund) representatives and one of the novelties directors for the Fall 2017 term and am planning the Remembrance Day ceremony. I am the tours director for the fall, which lets me take on an even larger role within Engineering Ambassadors which I am so excited to take on! Try and get as involved as possible, as it brings your Waterloo experience to another level!

Why I chose my program...

I knew that I wanted to pursue a degree in Industrial engineering, as I wanted to work in finance post-university. After looking at several programs around Quebec and Ontario, Waterloo won me over. The thing that reeled me in was definitely co-op, as it lets me apply my learning in a real situation. As well, the smaller class sizes and cohort system were a huge plus for me. I always liked that community feeling, and I found that here at Waterloo.

What I like best about my program... 

The case days. I love the rush and challenges that come from getting a task at the start of the day, and having only eight hours to complete them. This is another example of how Waterloo Engineering prepares their students for the real world.

Waterloo Eng in One Word...

Eclectically Awesome

One more thing to know about me... 

I am fluent in both English and French.

Contact me:

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