Mechatronics Engineering 2021

Tracy Chen

Why I chose Waterloo Engineering: 

Besides having co-op which was a large factor in my decision, Waterloo was one of the only schools that offered a mechatronics program. This meant that we could start learning about material that is relevant to our field right from year one. In addition, I was (and still am) unsure of which type of industry or company I would enjoy working for the most which is where co-op comes in. 

I wish I had known before I came:

I wish I knew that there are lots of resources to help first years out! There are dedicated first year TA's who are super helpful as well as many tutoring sessions available. Also, you will be with the same 100 people most of the time so it's easy to get to know others and make friends. 

I chose my program because...

Mechatronics is a broad field that will allow me to go into different industries once I discover what I enjoy doing the most. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do coming out of high school so mechatronics made the most sense for me in terms of flexibility. Robotics/automation is also a growing field which gives me lots of exciting opportunities in the future. 

Waterloo Engineering in one word: 


What I like best about my program:

I like how we have many opportunities to design a robot right from 1A. It really makes you feel more like an engineer and it makes learning material from your courses a lot more interesting because you can see how they apply to a real product. Our lectures and tutorials are also structured so that there is a connection made between the theory and application which is really eye-opening. 

Outside the classroom, I am involved in...

Outside of engineering ambassadors I am part of the enTech Computer Club development division. Although our team has just been formed, we are beginning our first project which will hopefully allow me to learn more about web development.

Contact me:

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