Civil Engineering 2021

Introduce yourself briefly:

Hey! My name is Zahra and I’m in my 3B term of Civil Engineering. I will be graduating April 2021.

Zahra Khosa

Waterloo Engineering in one word:


I choose Waterloo Engineering because:

  • Coop – graduating with two (2) years of work experience was something I couldn't turn down.
  • Community - We have one of the most active Engineering Societies! All the different ways to get involved with UW and our Engineering faculty are awesome. I’m always meeting new people and making new friends.
  • Opportunities – there are so many people, places and programs here to set you up for success. If you have a vision or a goal, there is someone here to help you achieve it.
  • Support – I really appreciate all the on-campus services UW offers, including many that are Engineering specific. It’s amazing that UW and UW Engineering focus on your physical AND mental wellbeing, which are equally important (in my opinion). 
  • Waterloo is the perfect sized city for me – not too big and not too small.
  • Tech hub of Canada.
  • Recognized internationally.
  • Involved in many initiatives e.g. Pride, HeForShe, and so many more!

The best thing about my program is:

  • I get the great balance of indoor office and outdoor field work.

About my Co-op experience:

  • Worked for multiple Fortune 500 Companies before 21 years old.
  • Been able to travel everywhere I’ve wanted to go.
  • Met super cool people every four months and found life-changing mentors.

I wish I had known before I came:

  • That I might be far away from high school friends and wouldn't be able to see them too often – cherish these moments while you can!

Outside the classroom, I’m involved with:

  • Women in Engineering
  • Student Ambassador
  • St Paul’s Peer Leader
  • Engineering Society
  • Design teams
  • Part time job(s)

A fun project I’ve completed:

  • Designing a website for a local small business owner

One more thing about me:

  • I love to hike
  • Connect with me on LinkedIn

Contact me:

University of Waterloo