Alyna Wong

Nanotechnology Engineering 2024

Alyna Wong
Hello Everyone!

My name is Alyna and I am in Nano Engineering class of 2024. I'm from Toronto, Ontario and I lived in residence for first-year. I consider myself somewhat of a bubble tea connoisseur and I probably drink way too much of it!

I am very excited to learn more about the applications of nanotechnology in the upcoming years. So far, Waterloo has been a wonderful experience and I hope to share some of the great things I love about it here!

Waterloo Engineering in one word: 


I choose Waterloo Engineering because: 

I chose Waterloo Engineering for several reasons. Coming out of high school, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. However, the idea of applying math and sciences, while pursuing an interdisciplinary degree in Nano really excited me! Another factor that drew me towards Waterloo Engineering was the flexibility to collect diverse job experiences through co-op.

The best thing about my program is:

The people! By having a relatively small cohort, I was able to become very close to a number of wonderful classmates. My peers were always willing to help each other, and I believe that it is this community that makes my time at Waterloo so memorable.

About my Co-op experience: 

I am currently on my fourth co-op. For my first co-op, I worked at BMO as an Application Developer and worked on creating the automated scripts to test the application we were developing. For my second co-op, I worked as a Business Analyst and learnt a lot about product development in its early stages, and for my third co-op, I worked as an Information Security Analyst and got to learn a bit about cybersecurity! This co-op, I am working at a start-up called Pontosense as a Project Engineer. I’m learning a lot about the business side to a company while supporting the project engineering team.

I wish I had known before I came: 

Don't worry if you get lost! As a person who struggles with directions, I was afraid of getting lost on campus when I first arrived. I quickly learnt that Google Maps, the WATIsRain app, and all the friendly people on campus are here to help!

Outside the classroom, I’m involved with: 

Currently, I am involved with Engineering Ambassadors as the EngChats Director.

One more thing about me: 

I love to knit and crochet!

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