Ananya Jaikumar

Systems Design Engineering 2026
Ananya Jaikumar

Introduce yourself briefly: 

Hi! I’m Ananya, and I’m a 2A Systems Design Engineering student graduating in 2026.

Waterloo Engineering in one word: 


I choose Waterloo Engineering because: 

I knew I’d be able to get a great education along with work experience that allows me to explore different industries and roles!

The best thing about my program is:

We get to take courses in a variety of different disciplines and explore different aspects of engineering throughout the degree.

About my Co-op experience: 

My first coop was as a UX Research Intern at the Government of Canada where I had the opportunity to lead a UX research study. My second role was at CIBC as a Product Design Intern, where I worked on the tablet and mobile redesigns for Simplii Financial’s website, which will be launching in 2024! 

I wish I had known before I came: 

It’s probably going to be more work than you’re expecting, but your health and well-being is the top priority. If you ever feel like you’re overwhelmed or struggling, chances are you’re not alone in that experience and there are tons of resources and people willing to help out, whether it’s about school, coop, or anything else.

Outside the classroom, I’m involved with: 

I’m a graphic designer for Tech+, an organization at UW that hosts events and initiatives to raise awareness about diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech. I also joined TechNova in 1B and helped host UW’s biggest hackathon for women+ in tech! Additionally, I’m a product designer at UW Blueprint, where I design and build software pro-bono for community organizations. I also love music, and I performed at one of EngSoc’s coffeehouse events in 1B, and I’m planning to join an acapella group soon!

A fun project I’ve completed: 

In SYDE 101L we had a project to design and 3D-print a puzzle which was super cool. My team decided to make a beaver, and we even designed it so that the tail would move up and down!

One more thing about me: 

I absolutely love reading and I read 138 books in 2022! If you ever want book recs, I’m your girl :)

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