Arnav Garcha

Mechanical Engineering 2022

Arnav Garcha
Hey! I’m Arnav, a mechanical engineering student graduating in 2022.

Waterloo Engineering in one word:


I chose Waterloo Engineering because: 

Waterloo’s engineering program stood out to me for its integrated co-op system. Having the opportunity to participate in numerous internships seemed like an excellent way to understand engineering in practice.

The best thing about my program is:

The diversity of students and experiences in mechanical engineering. There are many talented and intelligent students in my class, which makes the classroom environment more enjoyable and fulfilling. Furthermore, I enjoy the diversity of core engineering classes in my program, which has allowed me to determine my interests with greater ease.

About my Co-op experience: 

I’ve been fortunate to complete co-ops in various industries and cities. Through co-op, I had the opportunity to gain manufacturing, mechanical design, systems design, research, and programming skills. Co-op allowed me to build my professional network and experience numerous engineering roles, all of which have bolstered my engineering mindset and prepared me for graduation.

I wish I had known before I came:

There are many disciplines of study even within mechanical engineering. It is important to be open-minded and see what aspects of engineering and science interest you.

Outside the classroom, I’m involved with: 

  • Undergraduate research assistantship
  • Former design team member on Waterloop
  • Mechanical mentors program
  • Intramural Frisbee, Basketball, and Muay Thai

A fun project I’ve completed: 

One of my favourite undergraduate projects was working on a numerical heat transfer solver in ME 456. Through this project, I learned how challenging it is to solve a complex physics problem and how computer-based algorithms can be leveraged to study them.

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