Branden Lisk

Electrical Engineering 2023

Photo of Branden
Hello! I’m Branden, part of the Electrical Engineering class of 2023! Feel free to send me an  email if you have any questions about engineering, campus life, or Waterloo in general! 

Waterloo Engineering in one word:


I choose Waterloo Engineering because:

Like many others, the amazing co-op program. But I think more importantly, the opportunities to get involved in experiences that I never would have thought were possible. 

The best thing about my program is:

How small and tightknit my class is. I love having most of my classes with the same people in my cohort. 

About my Co-op experience:  

My most recent co-ops have been in software development, data science, and ML/AI R&D. I’m trying to get as many different experiences as I can and look forward to exploring more in the fields of product management and research. 

I wish I had known before I came:

How important getting involved is! Whether that’s a design team, club, sports team, or volunteering, being involved is the best way to get the most of your experience here! 

Outside the classroom, I’m involved with:

Engineering Ambassadors and a Mentor for Tech+ UW! 

One more thing about me:

I’m super passionate about cooking and culinary science, so if you’re reading this, I’d love to hear about your favourite recipe! 

Contact me: