Govind Sharma

Chemical Engineering 2025
Govind Sharma

Introduce yourself briefly: 

Hello, my name is Govind Sharma and I am from Brampton Ontario. I am currently studying Chemical Engineering at the university of Waterloo in the class of 2025.

Waterloo Engineering in one word: 


The best thing about my program:

The best thing about chemical Engineering is that it has man job opportunities in different industries. Furthermore, it involves a good mix of math and science.

I choose Waterloo Engineering because: 

Waterloo Engineering teaches many exciting courses during undergrad and provides first-class lab and classroom experiences as Canada’s most innovative university. Lastly, the coop will set me up for success in the future by giving me hands-on experience and preparing me better for the real-world post-graduation.

About my Co-op experience: 

Through my coop terms, I have moved around in various industries. Such as lab work, construction, and software. I am currently working as an Engineering sales assistant at HTS Engineering Ltd. 

I wish I had known before I came: 

I wish I knew more about the clubs that were offered at Waterloo. If I was more active in researching different clubs, I would love to be apart of them earlier in my undergrad study.

Outside the classroom, I’m involved with: 

Volleyball intramurals!

A fun project I’ve completed: 

In my pervious study term (2B), I worked on a project for Fluid mechanics. In this project in a group of three, I designed a pipe network with cold water in a two-story house. The design involved two bathrooms, laundry, a kitchen and a garage that can function with sufficient flow.

One more thing about me: 

I love to be active and play sports! I also love to travel and try new foods. 

Contact me:

or Instagram: _sharma02_