Tanish Shah

Mechatronics Engineering 2024
Tanish Shah

Introduce yourself briefly: 

Hi there, my name is Tanish and I’m a mechatronics engineering student in the class of 2024.

Waterloo Engineering in one word: 


I choose Waterloo Engineering because: 

The ability to gain practical experience through our co-op program was invaluable to me.

The best thing about my program is:

The interdisciplinary concepts

About my Co-op experience: 

My most recent co-op experience was as a software developer at Nvidia where I worked on their graphics drivers for Linux. It has been an extremely challenging task but also very satisfying.

I wish I had known before I came: 

It’s never to late to join a club/team.

Outside the classroom, I’m involved with: 

The Midnight sun solar car team, where I’m a hardware developer. Additionally, I’ve volunteered in some of the research labs like the social and intelligent robotics lab.

A fun project I’ve completed: 

In my first year, I had the chance to build a braille printing robot with some of my friends, which helped me gain a better understanding of the basics of robotics.

One more thing about me: 

I have a passion for reading, so if you have any recommendations feel free to let me know

Contact me: T33shah@uwaterloo.ca