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ENGWellness Content

1. Study Tips

In an effort to support our community through the quick transition to online learning, we've developed new guides to maximize your success in this digital age! This page contains some strategies and tips compiled from thoroughly supported scientific research, as well as a list of some of the worst study habits.

2. ENGWellness Blog

The purpose of this blog is to provide communications, content, and support to our community in the Faculty of Engineering. Please feel free to share widely and let us know if you have any topics you would like to see: ENGWellness@uwaterloo.ca

3. Wellness Breaks

Need a break or are you looking for a few tips to help improve your wellbeing? If so, check out this page!

4. Memoirs of Wellness

Memoirs of Wellness is an initiative rooted in anti-stigma messaging as it pertains to mental health. We want our community members to know they're not alone in their struggles! This goes a long way in breaking down systemic barriers, fostering inclusivity and improving the mental health of each of us, the Faculty of Engineering, and the broader UW community.

5. Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) are used to communicate messages in an attempt to resonate with our social consciousness. At ENGWellness, we have collaborated and leveraged the expertise of our ENGWellness Ambassadors to produce videos that speak to you- the students and your lived experiences!

6. Mental Health

The ENGWellness mental health pages are NOT diagnostic tools, but can be used to learn more about some of the most common mental illnesses and how and when to reach out for help.

7. Newsletters

Each month, the ENGWellness team releases three newsletters-one for each of our target populations (undergrads, grads and staff/faculty).

8. Fitness Sessions

Regular exercise plays an important role in maintaining your immune system, supporting your mental health, aiding with stress reduction as well as prevents strain injuries. Visit our Fitness Sessions page to learn about several ways that you can improve your health and get moving!

9. Recorded Presentations

Visit this page to view pre-recorded videos on some of our wellness related "hot topics", including time management and study skills.