Given how our wellbeing can have such a tremendous impact on our intellectual (academic) ability, your ENGWellness Team has created, updated, and revised a new (and even more beefy) Study Tips section! If you are feeling the pressure or just want to be proactive, below are some strategies and tips compiled from thoroughly supported scientific research. We've also included links to other departments on campus that support academic skill building! 

Check out our compilation of the very best study habits (as per the research). For added comedic value, we've also included a list of the worst study habits that students use. In an effort to support our community through the quick transition to online learning, we've developed new guides to maximize your success in this digital age! Let's get learning:

The WORST Study Habits we have found:

Let's preface this section with the statement ‘everybody is different’, but we thought it would be important to highlight some of the ineffective things students do when studying or exam season arrives. Some people work well with what others might consider poor habits, but don’t adopt a specific practice just because it’s working for your friends and you feel like it should work for you. You may need to modify, refine, and adapt something to meet your particular needs – but that’s the joy of being human! The following is a list (based on current data, in no particular order) of the most ineffective study habits compiled from multiple studies (including our own observations).

The BEST Study Habits money can buy:

Let's again preface this with, ‘everybody is different’. The following is a compilation of the latest research for what are considered the best (or most optimal) study habits and strategies (in no particular order). As with the above, don’t neglect the baseline needs for productivity (good nutrition, adequate hydration, and modest exercise) along with sleeping. These habits work best when you are at your physical and mental best. Here we go!

Just remember that life is full of setbacks and letdowns. The trick is to learn and grow from your situation and experiences. It’s okay to make mistakes, but what’s not okay is to not learn anything from them. Failing is another opportunity to get it right!

Thanks for checking out our section on general study tips and strategies! If you're ready to take your learning to the next step, take a look at some of our resources on Online Learning! There are also fantastic Learning Resources to be found at the Student Success Office. Happy studying!

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